Tuvalu: Tropical Cyclone Pam Situation Report No. 1 (as of 22 March 2015)

Situation Report
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The highlights below are based on the current information from the Central islands (Nui, Nukufetau, Vaitupu and Funafuti). Assessment of the northern island group is continuing.

  • Ongoing adverse weather and unreliable communication with the outer islands has hampered information gathering and relief efforts.

  • There are ongoing issues with power and internet across affected islands and inter-island communication remains a challenge.

  • There are 90 known families displaced.

  • In the most affected islands there has been an increased incidence of diarrhoea and minor skin infections in children under 12 years, but no significant outbreaks.

  • Affected communities have described this as the one of the most traumatic natural disasters in recent memory.

  • The state of emergency was extended by a further week and will end on 27 March.

  • National elections are scheduled to be conducted on 26 March.

  • The Capital Funafuti has escaped major damage from TC Pam.

  • There is an unconfirmed report of a cyclone-related mortality (a fisherman who had been reported missing)


  • 71 families (40 per cent of population) in Nui Island have been displaced and are living in 3 shelter buildings or with other families. 86 people (29 families) are living in 3 shelter buildings. 43 families are sharing with other households. Sanitation facilities at some shelters are not functional.

  • 100 per cent of vegetable, banana, and pulaka (the main local source of carbohydrates) are affected and 80 per cent of poultry and pig enclosures have been destroyed. Loss to livestock is unknown. Fishing is restricted due to a lack of fuel and or boats.

  • Storm surges caused the unearthing of multiple graves resulting in possible contamination of water supplies and exposure of bones and human remains.


  • In Nukufetau, 76 people (13 per cent of population) are displaced and living in 2 evacuation centres. They include 39 women, 15 children, and 22 men.

  • Large areas of the seawall is damaged in Nukufetau Island as a result of storms surges and wave action

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