If big countries want to help Tuvalu, they must curb their CO2 emissions

from The Guardian
Published on 13 Oct 2011 View Original

Emergency relief has helped drought-stricken Tuvalu, but in the wider scheme of climate change it's a mere sticking plaster

Posted by Redina Auina Thursday 13 October 2011 06.00 EDT guardian.co.uk

Experts say the past 12 months have been the second driest since records began in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu, 78 years ago. No one is claiming climate change is solely to blame, but the line between normal climatic variation and what might be extremes resulting from accelerated climate change has undoubtedly become blurred. This is particularly true of the hydrological cycle, which is sensitive to even subtle variations in the global climate, often results in either too much water or, as in our case, too little. With an intense La Niña weather pattern over much of the Pacific, Tuvalu is not likely to see rain for months to come.

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