Emergency assistance to support the agricultural livelihood recovery of affected families in the outer islands of Tuvalu

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Activities implemented:

  • Renovated and restocked three community nurseries in Nui, Nanumanga and Nukulaelae with planting materials.

  • Supplied the main government nursery in Funafuti with improved varieties of planting materials imported from SPC’s Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees.

  • Prepared nursery management training materials.

  • Trained DoA officers, casual workers and kapule community members on nursery management and plant propagation.

  • Collected seedlings and plant cuttings for propagation from other islands and organized import of seeds and planting materials.

  • Procured nursery equipment, planting materials and supplies.

  • Delivered 6 000 tissue culture plantlets in three batches.

  • Propagated and distributed 2 003 improved planting materials, including climate-resilient varieties with proven demonstrable salt- and drought-tolerant traits.

  • Conducted participatory rural appraisal and identified Cyclone Pam-affected households for crop and livestock production assistance.

  • Distributed planting and fencing materials, compost, fertilizers and small-hand tools to 35 households.

  • Distributed fencing materials to 60 households to repair damaged piggery fences.

  • Trained 70 participants on propagation, transplanting, crop and tree planting, farm management and animal husbandry.

  • Conducted two workshops for 15 participants on institutional analysis for disaster risk management (DRM) in the main island of Funafuti.

  • Developed new emergency preparedness framework guidelines for staff training.