Dengue-1 Outbreak, Tuvalu: Situational Report 25th March to 3 August 2019 (Week 31, 29 July-3 August), Report Date: Thursday 7th August, 2019

Situation Report
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Case Definition

• Suspected case definition: An acute febrile illness for more than 2 days with two or more of the following: nausea, aches, rash, low white blood cell, joint pain, warning signs

• Confirmed case definition: Isolation of dengue virus or detection of antigen NS 1 Ag or IgM antibody or IgM and IgG antibodies in blood

Outbreak Overview

• Dengue1 outbreak declared on the 27th of March 2019

• 509 dengue like illness (DLI) cases, were reported in Funafuti from March 25 to August 3 and 210 of them were confirmed.

• DLI cases in Funafuti peaked in weeks 14, 19 and 25.

• Only one (1) DLI suspected case was reported on Funafuti week 31.

• DLI cases from the Southern Outer Islands (OIs) follow the same downward trend now as in Funafuti but had peaked twice and at higher levels from Funafuti since end of June (week 26).


• Age range: 0-65 years

• Female: Male ratio: 1:1.2

• Total average: 58%

• Median age:9yrs

• Majority of cases are children (5-9yrs)