UNDP conducts training of specialists on seismic assessment of buildings

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Ashgabat, 21 January 2021: Within the framework of a joint project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan "Strengthening national capacity for Seismic Risk Assessment, Prevention and Response to Potential Earthquakes", a two-week online training on engineering survey of buildings is conducted for specialists from Turkmenistan.

One of the key components of the seismic risk assessment is the characterization of the risk elements of the territory, which includes a database of all elements in the territory, the damage and (or) destruction of which is associated with social and (or) economic losses. This data is determined on the basis of an engineering survey of buildings and corresponding calculations.

The main goal of the engineering survey of existing buildings on the territory is an assessment of their technical condition from the point of view of seismic resistance, including an assessment of the seismic resistance deficit. In this regard, this project provides for an engineering survey of representative types of buildings in Ashgabat, to assess their actual seismic resistance.

Modern equipment for recording seismic vibrations produced by the German company “DiGOS Potsdam GmbH” was supplied within the framework of the project to carry out an engineering survey of buildings. This includes post-supply training of local specialists to operate the equipment and processing of measurement results by experienced specialists from Germany and Kyrgyzstan.

“In order to achieve greater efficiency, it was agreed to conduct a two-stage training: first, trainers from Germany and Kyrgyzstan will train four relevantly qualified local specialists, who then will train a second group of 6-8 people supervised by the trainers” noted Japar Karaev, project specialist.

At present, the first stage of training is underway, which includes specialists of the Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and a national consultant of the project. The training is conducted by S.A. Tyagunov and S.Zh. Orunbayev, professional experts from Germany and Kyrgyzstan in the field of seismic vulnerability and seismic risk assessment.

The training program includes theoretical and practical modules. In the course of training, trainees will independently perform an engineering survey of 3-4 multi-storey buildings with processing of measurement results.