Turkmenistan Consolidated Operational Plan 2014

  1. Executive summary

The Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan is one of the very few organisations in Turkmenistan that provides vital services to the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations through its network of branches and volunteers across the country.

IFRC supported programmes in Turkmenistan are designed to strengthen the National Society’s capacities in priority areas and guide towards the fulfilment of their strategic goals as articulated in the NS Strategy 2011-2015. Through these programmes the IFRC and the Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan will continue to promote access to health and health information and that encourage building of key life skills in the most at risk populations.

The 2014 Consolidated Operational Plan for Turkmenistan focuses on such areas as:

  • Reaching some 24,000 people a year with key messages and education that aim at decreasing the risks of HIV, STIs and drug abuse through peer education, community mobilization and advocacy. HIV programme targets most at risk populations including injecting drug users;

  • Controlling the spread of tuberculosis in Turkmenistan and reducing the incidence of tuberculosis through providing direct support to 520 most vulnerable TB patients to help them complete their treatments and reaching out to 32,000 people with key message on tuberculosis and the harm of stigma associated with TB;

  • Equipping 28,000 people living in rural communities with essential knowledge and skills on prevention of communicable diseases and practicing healthy behaviours.