Yale-Tulane ESF-8 Program Special Report: Earthquake - Turkey, 25 Oct 2011

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• On 23 October 2011 in Turkey when a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck at 13.41 (local time), around 12 miles (19km) from the eastern city of Van (Van province).

• Reportedly 279 people were killed and 1,300 wounded in Turkey

• 970 buildings have collapsed and electricity and telecommunications services have been disrupted in the city of Van and the nearby town of Erciş (Van). Damage to buildings has also occurred in parts of the neighboring Bitlis and Hakkari Provinces.

• Since the Van earthquake occurred, at least 213 aftershocks have been reported in Turkey, which is crisscrossed by faults. The strongest was a magnitude 5.7 quake.

• Turkey is located in an active seismic zone, where large earthquakes occur with relative frequency. In May 2011, at least three people were killed and 70 others injured when a 5.8 magnitude tremor struck the country's north-west.

• Disruption to the supply of essential services, including water, electricity and telecommunications, can be expected in Van Province in the near term.

• The Turkish Government deployed Urban Search and Rescue Teams (USAR) and Emergency Medical Teams to the disaster affected area from 44 provinces and 37 different organizations by civilian and military airplanes.

• Three military cargo planes have continuously been transferring personnel and material from Ankara to Van.

• USAR activities have been going on uninterruptedly. 1,584 USAR personnel, 491 medical personnel and 10 USAR dogs are on duty in the field while 68 ambulance cars, 7 ambulance aircraft, 256 construction vehicles are operating for medevac and debris-removal efforts.

• The Turkish Ministry of Health has deployed 2 field hospitals in Van and Erciş.