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WFP Turkey Country Strategic Plan - Activity 4 Situation Report April 2021


In Numbers

95 participants from the Kitchen of Hope/Mutfakta Umut Var (MUV1 ) Cohort 2 completed the programme and graduated.

21 participants from MUV Cohort 2 are doing on-the-job training (OJT) in seven provinces.

245 participants from MUV Cohort 3 completed the vocational training (VT).

165 participants from MUV Cohort 3 are doing OJT in nine provinces.

97 restaurants/soup kitchens participated in the MUV on-the-job (OJT) training (Cohort 3).


• 44 MUV Cohort 1 graduates were employed as Chef Assistants in nine provinces. The employment rate for Cohort 1 currently stands at 25 percent.

• 23 participants out of 95 from MUV Cohort 2 accepted the job offers they received and started working.

• 36 EMPACT graduates either started formal employment or set up their own businesses, yielding 32 percent employability rate.

• The support for Sultangazi Municipality Soup Kitchen is ongoing.

• MUV’s scale-up includes the provinces of Konya and Kayseri.

• WFP signed a Field Level Agreement (FLA) with Büyükçekmece Municipality (Istanbul) for the Urban Agriculture project. The project will provide theoretical and on-the-job training to 20 participants.

Situation Update

• As of 30 April, 4,820,591 COVID-19 cases, 40,131 deaths and 4,323,897 recoveries have been confirmed in Turkey.
To minimize the risk of infection and ensure the safety of both beneficiaries and implementing actors, WFP continues to apply COVID-19 safety measures in line with the Ministry of Interior’s circulars