Van Earthquake Press Release (26 October 2011, 04:40 pm)

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NUMBER OF DEAD DISASTER VICTIMS : 471 (as of 04.40 pm)


To the Governorship of Van, firstly 3 million TL Emergency Aid Allowance has been sent to be spent for urgent needs.

In accordance with the request of our benevolent Citizens and with the direction of our Prime Minister H.E. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, an aid campaign has been launched and as of first day 2.832.540 USD has been collected in accounts.

Search and rescue, medical and first aid personnel from 48 different provinces and 39 different institutions has been delivered to the region by air and land with 25 Turkish Airlines, 26 military and 8 special cargo airplanes and vehicles.

In order to address tents and blankets needs, shipment has being continued by 5 Civil and 3 military aircrafts. Also, the conveyance by land has been continuing.

To construct permanent houses, TOKİ has been given instruction and as soon as possible houses shall be supplied for disaster victims. So as to temporary sheltering, manufacturing of containers haS been started and it is supposed that they shall be set up in affected area.

In total 3.816 search-rescue personnel, 886 medical personnel, 18 search dog, 593 construction machinery and vehicle, 145 ambulance (7 of them air ambulance), 11 mobile hospital (4 of them in service), 33 generators, 75 reflectors, 95 portable wc, 18.722 tents, 10 collective sheltering tents, 60 prefabricated houses, 84.945 blankets, 1.130 quilts, 36 portable kitchens, 3.051 kitchen set, 5.139 catalytic stoves, 1.545 sleeping bags, 1 mobile oven has been delivered to the region.

3 times service of meal has been started and delivery of food, food package and other consumption goods has been continuing.

In order to carry out public services and support disaster victims psychosocially, 30 units of field tent have delivered.

For the reception of international assistance coming by air, Erzurum is determined to be logistics center and Erzurum Governorship is assigned to establish this center and transfer the aids to Van.

For the reception of international assistance coming by land, Logistics Reception Center has been established by Van Governorship.

Until the next notice, all disaster and emergency centers of related ministries will be working according to 7 days 24 hours working principle in order to be able to carry out search-rescue, temporary sheltering, debris removal, medical and psychosocial support uninterruptedly.

In order to provide psychosocial and social support services, qualified and sufficient personnel are assigned under Van Governorship’s order.

A technical committee of 20 personnel from our Presidency has arrived to the region. Also, 200 technical personnel from different provinces are assigned.

Search-rescue and first aid activities have been continuing without any interruption.

Deep respect and appreciate.

İ. Ejder KAYA

Acting Director - General