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UNICEF Turkey Humanitarian Situation Report #31, January - March 2019

Situation Report
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  • In March, 404,610 children received a payment from the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) Programme for Syrians and Other Refugees. The total number of refugee children who have benefitted from the CCTE to date is 494,620, including 1,324 out-of-school children enrolled in the Accelerated Learning Programme.

  • UNICEF and partners expanded access to non-formal educational opportunities for refugee children, with more than 2,100 children newly enrolled this month. In addition, over 14,350 children – including nearly 5,400 out-of-school children – were identified during an outreach campaign and referred to relevant learning opportunities.

  • 50 technical staff from the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services were recruited and trained on child protection and case management under the Social Service Centres Support Programme, which aims to identify and refer 12,000 vulnerable children in 12 provinces by end year.

  • UNICEF Turkey is 46 per cent funded (as of 15 April 2019) under the 2019 3RP appeal (including carry-over from 2018), with US $28.3 million received in 2019 against the $239.7 million appeal.

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

Turkey remains home to the largest registered refugee population in the world. Four million refugees and asylum-seekers are registered in Turkey, of whom nearly 1.7 million are children. More than 3.6 million Syrians – including over 1.5 million children – are under temporary protection, 96 per cent of whom live in host communities across the country. Turkey also hosts a sizable community of non-Syrian refugees and asylum-seekers of almost 370,000 (primarily from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran), including some 120,000 children.

In addition, Turkey remains a transit country for unregistered refugees and migrants on the move. In March, over 1,900 refugees and migrants made the dangerous journey by sea from Turkey to Greece and over 1,250 crossed by land; an additional 1,150 people were rescued or apprehended at sea or on land by Turkish authorities. 5 Of those who have successfully crossed so far in 2019, approximately 40 per cent are believed to be children. Under the framework of the EUTurkey Statement, no one was re-admitted to Turkey in March; the total number of re-admissions remains 1,835.