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UNHCR Turkey Syrian Refugee Daily Sitrep 29 April 2014

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● On 28 April 2014, AFAD - the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency of Government of Turkey - announced that the total number of Syrians registered and assisted in 22 camps located in 10 provinces was 220.421 AFAD reported that during the period of 26-28 April 2014, a total of 872 Syrians were admitted and registered in the camps and 693 Syrians have voluntarily returned to Syria.

● In Adana the registration of the non-camp Syrians is on going through the mobile coordination center provided by UNHCR. The officials informed that as of 25 April the number of registered non-camp Syrians in Adana was 3,237 while their estimation is that about 30,000 Syrians live in Adana.
The local authorities transferred 3 interpreters from the camp who attended the training by UNHCR for the registration team staffing the mobile coordination center in the city . The police also announced that about 5,500 Syrians have been issued ikamets (temporary residence permit) in Adana province.

● In the camps in Gazinatep, Islahiye camp officials stated that they are working on arranging tents to accommodate 81 Syrians who are in the waiting area. In Nizip-1 camp, the camp management is trying to do the same for 35 people to accommodate them in the tents when there are spontaneous departures and no-shows and/or voluntary returns. In Karkamis there were more than 200 people in the waiting area and the camp management is waiting for the confirmation for their transfer to another camp.

● In Viransehir camp officials informed UNHCR that during the previous week, about 23 spontaneous arrivals approached the camp, who after consultation with AFAD Ankara were transferred to Nusaybin camp. The camp officials also informed that as per instruction from AFAD Ankara, they have admitted 30 people who had previously approached Ceylanpinar camp but could not be admitted due to shortage of space.

● In Kilis Oncupinar camp, the officials informed that they transfer around 100 persons to hospitals in Kilis and Gaziantep on a daily basis. Relative to the local population, Kilis hosts the highest number of Syrians including camps and non-camp. The construction of the mobile clinic donated by UNHCR has started in Kilis Oncupinar camp and it is planned to be completed in about 2 months, after which it will help to ease the strain on the health services