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UNHCR Turkey Syrian Refugee Daily Sitrep 17 June 2014

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● On 16 June 2014, AFAD - the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency of Government of Turkey - announced that the total number of Syrians registered and assisted in 22 camps located in 10 provinces was 219,209. AFAD reported that during the period of 15-16 June 2014, a total of 752 Syrians were admitted and registered in the camps and 294 Syrians voluntarily returned to Syria.

● The registration of non-camp Syrians in the 10 provinces in the southeast is ongoing. According to official numbers, around 560,000 non-camp Syrians have been registered and/or enumerated in the 10 southeastern provinces. Of this total about 52% are registered within the police registration system with integrated fingerprints, 42% were enumerated or registered by AFAD coordination centers before police took over the registration process. About 6% in the southeast including Mersin have ikamets (residence permits).

● In Karkamis, camp officials informed UNHCR that due to heavy rains during last week, 6 out of 7 manholes in the camp were overloaded and, while they were being repaired, a water pipe was damaged and caused a temporary water cut. The water supply has now been restored to the camp.

● In Adana, camp officials also informed UNHCR that they had fixed a recent water problem.
Reportedly, due to increases in the local population in the nearby villages, there was a shortage of water in the area in general. However a new pump has been installed and the issue has been fixed, with the camp now receiving water regularly.

● On the way to Nusaybin camp a UNHCR team met with a group of Syrians (about 30-35 people) waiting in an area on the side of the road who clamed that they were not admitted to the camp. While some of them stated they are new arrivals, some were also former camp residents who had left the camp with permission but were not readmitted to the camp because they did not return on time. The UNHCR team brought their situation to the attention of the camp officials and it was reported later that the entire group was admitted to the camp.

● The camp management in Nusaybin informed UNHCR that, due to increasing temperature in the region and considering the conditions in the tents, they have procured about 1,500 fans