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UNHCR Turkey Syrian Refugee Daily Sitrep 16 May 2014


● On 15 May 2014, AFAD - the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency of Government of Turkey - announced that the total number of Syrians registered and assisted in 22 camps located in 10 provinces was 220,488 AFAD reported that during the period of 14-15 May 2014, a total of 222 Syrians were admitted and registered in the camps and 491 Syrians have voluntarily returned to Syria.

● The NGO International Blue Crescent (IBC) informed UNHCR that they are planning to organize a summer course with English and Turkish classes for the non-camp Syrians in Sanliurfa province. Reportedly initially 500 persons in the age group of 18-24 are targeted to be trained as trainers who will then be expected to teach others.

● IBC also informed UNHCR that during the period from Dec 2013 to March 2014, they have distributed NFIs to non-camp Syrians living in Sanliurfa city center and Akcakale town. Reportedly in Akcakale town approximately 1,000 families benefited from the distribution which was done door-to-door by IBC staff. The distribution was needs based and vulnerable families were provided mattresses, blankets, bed linens as well as hygiene kits.

● Support to Life (STL) informed UNHCR that from Nov. 2013 to Feb 2014, they have distributed NFIs funded by their donor (AAR) from Japan, to non-camp Syrians in Sanliurfa city center and Viransehir town. Reportedly 2,510 families (about 15,388 persons) benefited from the assistance. Families were provided mattresses, blankets, winter clothes, heaters and also uniforms for school children.

● In Ceyanpinar camp, officials informed UNHCR that despite all their efforts to accommodate the spontaneous arrivals, due to shortage in capacity they had to send some to other camps (Nusaybin or Viransehir). The camp officials stated that during April about 277 persons were admitted and registered in the camp. Reportedly 86 persons of these admissions were under family reunification. The officials also stated that the records of about 307 persons were deactivated because they did not show up after their long leave. On 14 May there were still some 6 families at the gate who were also to be admitted.