UNHCR Turkey Syrian Refugee Daily Sitrep 06 March 2014

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
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● On 05 March 2014, AFAD - the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency of Government of Turkey - announced that the total number of Syrians registered and assisted in 22 camps located in 10 provinces was 219,208. AFAD reported that during the period of 04-05 March 2014, a total of 566 Syrians were admitted and registered in the camps and 439 Syrians have voluntarily returned to Syria.

● According to the official numbers from AFAD, 460,820 Syrians have been registered and accommodated in the camps since the beginning of the Syria crisis, while during the same period there have been 241,612 returns to Syria. As of end of Feb 2014, according to the information from the local officials 405,293 non-camp Syrians have been registered/enumerated in the 11 provinces with camps and in Mersin. Reportedly out of this total, more than 17,000 Syrians were issued ikamets (temporary residence permit). During the first 2 months of 2014, the number of Syrians in camps increased by 4%, while the registered non-camp Syrians in 10 provinces increased by 16%.

● In Viransehir, the camp officials informed that it still hosts about 750 Syrians who had approached the camp in the waiting area. On 05 March, the camp management received the authorization from AFAD Hqs for their transfer to Nusaybin camp, which it will organize in 3 groups. In Adiyaman, the camp management informed that it hosts about 350 spontaneous arrivals in the waiting area for whom they are waiting for instructions from AFAD HQ to transfer them to another camp, as they have no space. In Nizip 546 Syrians who were staying in a mosque were transferred to Nizip-1 camp and temporarily accommodated in rub hall tents in the waiting area until AFAD authorizes their transfer to another camp, most likely Nusaybin.

● In Nusaybin the camp officials informed that during the last two days 4 families approached the camp spontaneously, while AFAD Ankara referred another 40 families from Ankara to Nusaybin Camp. Reportedly all were registered and accommodated in the camp. Camp officials informed that as of 04 March 2014, there are about 155 rub halls in which 6 out of 8 sections are used. Camp officials stated that the 2 unused sections will be allocated as common cooking areas as the food card system has started as of March 2014. In Mardin province the police also started to register non-camp Syrians; on a daily basis some 120 Syrians are registered.