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UNHCR Turkey Syrian Daily Sitrep 18 March 2013



• On 17 March 2013, AFAD - Disaster and Emergency Management Agency of Government of Turkey announced that total number of Syrians registered and accommodated in the 17 camps in 8 provinces reached to 188, 402. This is about 27% increase since the beginning of 2013.

• According to the Government Agency - AFAD, during the last 4 days, 1,742 new arrivals were registered and accommodated in the camps while 1,764 Syrians returned to Syria voluntarily.

• It is estimated, apart from those who are registered and accommodated in the camps, there are also some more than 200,000 Syrians living in urban areas. In Gaziantep, local officials informed UNHCR that more than 10,000 Syrians are registered and issued individual cards in Gazinatep. Local authorities informed UNHCR that more than 30,000 Syrians are also shcedueled to be registered until end of October and they contine to issue appointments for the new arrivals.

• Government officials informed UNHCR that apart from the two camps under construction in Kilis -Elbeyli and Osmaniye-Duzici, three more new camps are also planned to be built in Malatya, Mersin, Sanliurfa and expansion of Islahiye camp in Gaziantep is also being considered.

• According to the MFA, the number of Syrians across the borders of Hatay and Kilis is estimated to be about 50,000. Reportedly there are also some several thousands of people accommodated in the communal building in TelAbyad across Akcakale. Reportedly the admissions are done in groups and basic humanitarian assistance is provided at zero point, while people are waiting for admission process.

• UNHCR Field Teams continue to be present in the camps and observe the voluntary nature of the Syrians returning home. UNHCR will also support the Government of Turkey in registration of the Syrians living in urban areases through partial funding and donations towards the establishment of 10 mobile Coordination centers to register the Syrians living in urban areas.