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UNHCR Turkey Operational Update, October 2021 [EN/TR]

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Key Figures (as of 28 October 2021)

4 million Refugees and asylum-seekers in Turkey including over 3.7 million Syrians under temporary protection and over 330,000 international protection status holders and asylum-seekers of other nationalities. While 98.6% of Syrian refugees live across Turkey in 81 provinces, 1.4% are hosted in seven temporary accommodation centres managed by the Presidency of Migration Management.

8,400 Refugees were submitted for resettlement consideration to 14 countries in 2021 so far. Over 5,900 refugees departed for resettlement to 13 countries, 74% of whom were Syrian and 15% Afghan.

54,700 Calls received on the UNHCR Counselling Line in October. There is an almost 50% decrease in total received calls from September. Most of the callers, the majority Syrian (52%) followed by Afghan nationals (23%). enquired about resettlement opportunities followed by financial assistance. Among those, 2,900 calls came through UNHCR’s dedicated GBV line.

On 27 October, UNHCR signed a protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Social Services to formalise the long-standing partnership between the two entities in protecting vulnerable groups in need of social services and assistance. Following the signature ceremony, Minister Derya Yanık tweeted about the meeting with UNHCR and how indicative it is of the importance of Turkey's responsibility towards asylum seekers which would require further support by international organizations and the public, aspiring that the Protocol of Cooperation signed with UNHCR would be beneficial for refugees to overcome challenges they face. UNHCR has cooperated with the Ministry of Family and Social Services and its social service centres over the years through logistical and personnel support. The engagement covers services provided by the General Directorates within the Ministry, including those focusing on family and community services, child protection, refugees with disabilities, older refugees, violence against women and gender-based violence.