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UNHCR Turkey Factsheet - January 2017

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Turkey hosts the world’s largest number of refugees.

Close to 490,000
Refugees received one-time cash assistance within UNHCR’s 2016/17 winter support programme to date

Nearly 29,000
Refugees were submitted for resettlement in 2016

Over 7,400
Officials and humanitarians trained by UNHCR on international protection in 2016


Registration and Refugee Status Determination (RSD)

  • Verify registration data of the 2.8 million Syrian refugees under Temporary Protection: The Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) and UNHCR are conducting a verification exercise, the first of its kind in Turkey. The exercise aims to update and obtain missing information, including biometric data, contact information, and detailed background information on refugees as well as introduce verification as a continuous part of registration. The outcome will provide the Government of Turkey, UNHCR and other appropriate stakeholders with updated data that can be used to design evidence-based programmes for targeted assistance; promote education and access to employment; identify legal pathways and other durable solutions, such as family reunification, private sponsorship, humanitarian visa programmes, academic scholarships, etc.; and identify and assist persons with specific needs. The roll-out is divided into seven zones covering the 81 locations where Syrians are currently present throughout Turkey.

  • Transition Refugee Status Determination (RSD) activities into national procedures: Following the coming into force of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection in April 2014, UNHCR is supporting Turkish authorities to integrate all activities related to RSD, largely carried out by UNHCR under its mandate, into national procedures.

  • Register new asylum-seekers from countries other than Syria: More than 78,700 asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in 2016, the main nationality was Iraqi, followed by Afghan, Iranian, and Somali.

  • Determine if asylum-seekers fall within the criteria for international protection: Over 20,000 individuals received a decision on their RSD in 2016, the highest number ever reached by a UNHCR Operation worldwide.