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UNHCR Turkey - Fact Sheet September 2021 [EN/TR]


Population: Turkey is host to the world’s largest refugee population since 2014.
There are 3.6 million Syrians under temporary protection and over 330,000 refugees and asylum seekers under international protection. Afghan nationals have been the leading International Protection applicants in Turkey since 2019.

Legal Framework: Turkey’s refugee response is based on a comprehensive legal framework, in particular the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (2013) and the Temporary Protection Regulation (2014).

UNHCR co-leads with UNDP the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) coordinating partner support to Turkey’s inclusive refugee response to address unmet needs and avoid duplication/gaps and chairs the Migration and International Protection Results Group of the Turkey 2021-25 UNSDCF.


88,799 households were reached through a COVID-19 Emergency Cash Assistance implemented in cooperation with DGMM through the service provider PTT. UNHCR carried out post-distribution monitoring exercises during the process to measure the effectiveness of the cash assistance and how it contributed to beneficiaries’ needs.

5,900 refugees were submitted for resettlement consideration so far in 2021 to 14 countries. Over 4,800 refugees departed for resettlement to 13 countries, 76% of whom were Syrian and 13% Afghan.

188,850 calls were answered through the UNHCR counselling line in 2021, from an average of 75 provinces, most often enquiring about resettlement and financial assistance. Of these, close to 12,100 calls were answered through a dedicated GBV line.