The Turkish Red Crescent Van Earthquake Humanitarian Relief Operation - Monthly report 09 April



The Turkish Red Crescent, immediately after having been informed of the disaster, alarmed all its units over the country and established its Crisis Management Desks in the Disaster Management Center (HQ) (Ankara), the Northern Anatolia (Erzurum), the South-eastern Anatolia (Elazığ), the Eastern Anatolia (Muş), the Mediterranean (Adana), and the Eagan (İzmir) Regional Disaster Management Centres and Sivas and Diyarbakir Local Disaster Management Centres.

On 23 October 2011, after the earthquake that struck at 13:41 at the magnitude of 7.2, for the assessment of the situation, Rapid Teams were deployed to the field, from the Van, Elazığ, Muş and Erzurum Disaster Management Centres and Turkish Red Crescent Branches. Information flow from the field has been gathered in the Crisis Desk of the Disaster Operation Center