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Turkey/Syria Cross-Border Response - July 2016

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On June 30th, the GlobalMedic team arrived in Turkey to distribute hygiene kits to Syrian beneficiaries living in Torbali, as well as across the border in Syria.

Refugees and IDPs in Turkey and Syria are currently living in informal camps or commercial spaces, seeking reprieve from the ongoing crisis happening in their country for over 5 years. However, many of these places are under deplorable conditions as health care, electricity, and clean water are virtually inaccessible, putting refugees at serious health risk. The hygiene kits distributed will provide some necessary items to support the health and livelihood of the people.

In total, GlobalMedic will distribute 1000 Hygiene Kits and 1250 Food Kits to vulnerable populations in Turkey and Syria.

The Hygiene Kits include:

• Hand Soap
• Bath Soap
• Plastic Bottle Shampoo
• Adult Size Toothbrushes
• Child Size Toothbrushes
• Toothpaste
• Wide tooth combs
• Fingernail Clipper
• Laundry Soap
• Feminine Sanitary Napkins
• Lice Shampoo
• Hand Towel
• Diapers
• Hydrophilic Cotton

In addition, the food kits include:

• Bulgur
• Macaroni
• Ghee/ Margarine
• Rice
• Thyme Za’atar
• White Oil
• Halva
• Sugar
• Tomato Paste
• Tea
• Kidney beans
• Broad beans
• Jam
• Palm Dates
• Tamarind and Kamardin