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Turkey: Population Movement Revised Emergency Appeal MDRTR003 - 2nd revision


This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total of CHF 44.5 million in cash, kind, and services to support the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) to extend humanitarian assistance to meet the needs of some 250,000 people seeking assistance and protection until June 2014.

In addition to the existing provision and distribution of basic shelter and non-food items, hygiene and sanitation, a major additional component of the revised strategy is to assist the target population during the approaching harsh winter conditions experienced in south-eastern Turkey, where most of the camps are located. Various partners will continue to support the TRC in addressing other needs such as food, psychosocial activities, and remedial education. This revised Appeal is being issued concurrently with the revision and launch of the Syria Complex Emergency appeal (n° MDRSY003) and the regional population movement appeal for Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon (n° MDR81003).

Appeal coverage: 28 per cent from multilateral support; 24.1 per cent from bilateral support. The TRC has received external support through National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UN agencies and other international organizations, bilateral governments and other channels. On this basis this appeal encourages support to Turkish Red Crescent through either this Emergency Appeal or other channels.

Appeal history:

· Initially launched on 9 November 2012 for CHF 32,311,220 for a period of six months to assist 170,000 people.

· Revised on 28 May 2013, to reflect the substantial growth of the camp population to 225,000 Syrians accommodated in 19 camps, the appeal budget was increased to CHF 44,183,265.

· This revision reflects expectations for the further growth of the camp population to 250,000 people and extends the timeframe of the operation until 30 June 2014.

Summary: The humanitarian situation in Syria has caused over 2.2 million people to flee to neighbouring countries. An estimated 660,000 Syrians have found temporary shelter in Turkey, with over 200,000 living in camps under temporary protection[1] of the Turkish Government.[2] In line with its auxiliary role in support of the national authorities, the TRC has been providing assistance through a multi-pronged relief operation in the form of food, relief distributions, the provision of shelter, sanitation and hygiene promotion, psychosocial support, and remedial education. The TRC has also received external support through UN agencies and other international organizations, bilateral government channels, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and from other donors, which is enabling them to deliver the full range of activities covered in this appeal.

This revised Emergency Appeal contains information on the assistance delivered to date and the newly identified needs which reflect the growing number of beneficiaries in the camps and an anticipated deterioration of the weather conditions in view of the coming winter period. The target population is increased to 250,000 people in anticipation of the on-going and expected influx of Syrians into Turkey in the coming months. The contributions of various partners providing direct support has enabled the beneficiary caseload to be increased and the timeframe extended while maintaining the overall budget, which is in part being covered by bilateral contributions directly to TRC.

The IFRC and the TRC express sincere thanks to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Governments of Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Monaco, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States of America as well as to the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) for their support in response to the IFRC’s Emergency Appeal. The TRC also conveys its gratitude to the Red Cross Societies of Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK as well as to the IOM, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP and UNHCR for their support provided on a bilateral basis. The Governments of Austria, France, South Korea, Tunis, Vietnam and Qatar have also provided important bilateral contributions.