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Turkey: Population Movement Emergency Appeal n° MDRTR003 Revision n° 3


This Emergency Appeal, initially launched on 9 November 2012, is revised to extend its time- frame until 31 December 2015.

The appeal’s total budget has been adjusted from CHF 44.5 million to CHF 42 million following the continuous assessment of needs. This Revised Emergency Appeal and its overall budget of CHF 42 million aim to be a framework for action for Red Cross and Red Cress Movement partners.

Since the current needs in shelter and food have been met through the collective efforts of the Turkish authorities, UN agencies and the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC); in the coming 18 months, IFRC is expected to continue focusing on the provision of specific non-food items (blankets, stoves and hot plate cookers, heaters, kitchen sets, mattresses, pillows, bed-linens and hygiene kits) to 220,000 Syrian people receiving food support from TRC-WFP joint programme. A major additional component of the appeal will be the provision of orientation and psychosocial support services for an estimated 30,000 Syrian people living in urban areas outside camps.

The over two year long engagement in this programme has become a challenge for the Turkish Red Crescent in terms of the maintenance of its extended organisational and management infrastructure, which has been required to ensure an effective response to the crisis. The current revision of the Emergency Appeal also targets addressing this issue.

This revised Appeal is being issued concurrently with the revision and launch of the Syria Complex Emergency appeal (n° MDRSY003) and the regional population movement appeal for Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon (n° MDR81003).