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Turkey: Health Cluster Bulletin, September 2021

Situation Report
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• The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in September 2021 increased remarkably.

• The occupancy rate in COVID-19 hospitals was on a rising trend which reached to 100% in many hospitals.

• Meanwhile, the occupancy rate in COVID-19 Community Treatment Centers CCTCs exceeded 90%.

• The coverage of COVID-19 vaccination campaign in NWS is still low due to the hesitancy among people and medical workers.

• The percentage of individuals who received COVID-19 vaccine in NWS is about 1%.

• World Health Organization WHO, in coordination with COVID19 partners will allocate about 1.5 million USD released by SCHF to cover the gap in COVID-19 response in NWS.

• The health cluster, in coordination with the humanitarian partners in NWS prepared and shared the emergency plan to respond to the rapid increase in COVID-19 incidence rate in the region.

• Primary Health Care Technical Working Group PHC TWG, under the supervision of the health cluster, will develop prioritization criteria for primary health care centers in NWS. The health cluster will endorse these criteria and invite the TWG members to a workshop to discuss the plan in detail.

• In this bulletin, the health cluster identified the main public health indicators according to the context of NWS.

• CEmONC, the implementation of the package of health care services according to the re-visited EHSP in the primary health centers in NWS, and maintain the existed services among the top priorities of the health cluster.

• Darkoush (Al Rahma) Hospitals, is one of the main hospitals in NWS, in terms of capacity, will be out of fund by the end of September 2021, which will overwhelm the health system and service delivery in the area.

• Public health risks and gaps in NWS are highlighted in this bulletin.