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Turkey: Health Cluster Bulletin, January 2022



• The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases during January was 118 (53 from Idleb and 65 from Aleppo).

• The occupancy rate in the majority of COVID-19 hospitals in northwest Syria is below 30%.

• The coverage of COVID-19 vaccination campaign in NWS is still low due to the hesitancy among people and medical workers.

• As of 31 January 2022, the percentage of individuals who received COVID-19 vaccine in NWS (two doses) out of the target population (>18 years old) was 6.76%.

• As of 31 January 2022, the total COVID-19 confirmed cases was 93,074.

• The total doses provided until the end 0f January were 455,751.
Out of the total, 299,688 were received as a single dose, 156,063 were administered as two doses, and 2,114 were administered as a booster dose. 6.76% of the population is vaccinated, and 3.47% is fully vaccinated until January 2022.

• In total, 2,017,000 doses were delivered by the end of January 2022.

• As of 31 January 2022, the total PCR tests were 340,481.

• More than 55 projects were uploaded on the OPS system for the HRP 2022-2023 process.

• EWARN is tracking any omicron cases in NWS • Public health risks and gaps in NWS are highlighted in this bulletin.

• During the month of January 2022, 2 attack against health care facilities and 1 death were recorded.

• In January 2022, the total number of functional health facilities. o PHCs: 186
o Hospitals: 92
o Mobile Clinics: 77.

Situation Updates

• The NGO forum released a statement on weather conditions in NWS and the impact on affected people in NWS: "During the past 10 days, areas across Northwest Syria (NWS) witnessed heavy snowfall and rainstorms affecting the large population of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the region. The unforgiving weather exposed the lack of preparedness in IDP shelters and exponentially increased emergency humanitarian needs for the people of NWS. The NWS NGO Forum is calling for immediate interventions and improved readiness in order to address this urgentsituation. The harsh weather conditions caused massive destruction in IDP shelters as reported by NGOs and OCHA. The Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster reports that 287 displacement sites have been affected in Idleb and Aleppo governorates. There have been 162 snowstorm incidents, 111 flood incidents and 14 high-speed wind incidents in camps, mainly in Afrin and Azaz districts in Aleppo and Harim district in Idleb since 18 January."

• UNOCHA released the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths Briefing to the Security Council on the Humanitarian Situation in Syria: "Many more Syrian girls and boys are shivering. In tents. In the snow. Others stuck in displacement camps or detention facilities with little hope of getting out. And millions more, lucky enough to have housing and be with their family, are still missing out on a healthy diet and reliable schooling. As the country moves further into its second decade of conflict, and as I have said before, we are failing the Syrian people, young and old. If civilians were protected, sufficient relief provided, and basic social services kept going, we could say we are providing a bare minimum. But we are not even managing that, I regret to say. Failure each year cannot be our strategy." The briefing is available on the link: https://reliefweb.int/report/syrian-arab-republic/under-secretary-general-humanitarian-affairsand-emergency-relief-120

• UNOCHA released a report on an incident of attacks against health care staff in NES: "According to reports, on 11 January, an armed individual entered the health facility and killed a staff member of the local relief organization that is jointly run with an NGO. This abhorrent attack is a reminder that the security situation in north-east of Syria remains unacceptable. On behalf of the entire humanitarian community in Syria, Mr. Riza and Mr. Hadi send sincere condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of the victim and call on all parties with influence to ensure appropriate security measures to allow humanitarian assistance to continue to be delivered in a safe and effective manner.". The report is available on the link: https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/documents/f iles/joint_statement_on_al_hol_12_january_2022_-_eng.pdf