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Turkey: Health Cluster Bulletin, December 2021



• The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases during December was 728 (480 from Idleb and 248 from Aleppo).

• The occupancy rate in the majority of COVID-19 hospitals in northwest Syria is below 50%.

• The coverage of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in NWS is still low due to the hesitancy among people and medical workers.

• The percentage of individuals who received the COVID-19 vaccine in NWS (two doses) out of the target population (>18 years old) exceeded 6%.

• As of 31 December, the total COVID-19 confirmed cases was 92,957.

• COVID-19 vaccination teams were increased to respond to the demands and overcome the challenge of the low vaccination uptake in NWS. As of December 2021, there were 100 COVID19 vaccination teams, fixed and mobile.

• Through the second allocation from SCHF, more than 15 health facilities that deliver primary and secondary healthcare were supported. Two COVID-19 hospitals were funded through the second allocation • WHO shared guidelines about Omicron variant.

• Public health risks and gaps in NWS are highlighted in this bulletin.

• During December 2021, 1 attack against health care facilities war recorded.

• In December 2021, the total number of functional: o PHCs: 186 o Hospitals: 70 o Mobile Clinics: 77