Turkey: Earthquake - Information Bulletin n° 1

Situation Report
Originally published
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In Brief

This Bulletin (no. 1/2005) is being issued for information only. The Federation is not seeking funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time.

The Situation

Several moderate earthquakes hit eastern city of Van and south-eastern cities of Adana and Hakkari on Tuesday, 25 January 2005.

Officials at Bosphorous University Kandilli Observatory and Seismology Institute said that a moderate earthquake with a magnitude of 4.8 on the Richter scale hit Van at 05.24 p.m. (local time) and another quake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale jolted Adana at 06.05 p.m.

Following those tremors officials from the observatory reported that 7 earthquakes with magnitudes of 4.8, 4.4, 5.5, 4.2, 3.9, 4.3 and 3.8 on the Richter scale rocked Hakkari at 05.24 p.m., 06.32 p.m., 06.44 p.m., 07.11 p.m., 07.15 p.m., 07.52 p.m. and 08.34 p.m respectively. The quakes were felt in the eastern cities of Van, Sirnak, Batman and Siirt as well.

In the Hakkari earthquakes, two people were killed and a total of 22 people were injured. 80 buildings were also damaged.

Sources said that the 22 people were injured when they jumped off balconies in panic. They were all taken to Hakkari Military Hospital and health clinics.

Red Cross and Red Crescent action

In the aftermath of the Hakkari tremors, the crisis committee of the Turkish Red Crescent (TRCS) Disaster Operation Center gathered minutes later and Red Crescent units in the region were alerted.

-Hakkari Branch provided 80 tents to the Provincial Crisis Center.

-Corresponding to a Hakkari Governorship Provincial Crisis Center request, based on the possibility that people might be homeless in villages, the Southeastern Anatolia Regional Disaster Response and Logistics Center, in Elazig, forwarded a team of 8 people, 27 tents and 1000 blankets to the region at 23:30.

-Van Branch dispatched 100 tents, 1,000 blankets and 100 heating stoves to the region at 00:50.

-Mus Branch was currently loading tents and heating stoves for further dispatch to the region; these materials will be forwarded to the region following a needs assessment to be made by Hakkari Provincial Crisis Center.

-Eastern Anatolia Disaster Response and Logistics Center, based in Erzurum was reported to be loading tents; these materials will be forwarded to the region following the need assessment to be made by Hakkari Provincial Crisis Center.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:
- Turkish Red Crescent: email: tkd@kizilay.org.tr phone: +90 312 430 2300
- Federation regional delegation: Carl Naucler, Head of Regional Delegation, Turkey & Southern Caucasus; phone: +0090 312 441 4292,
email: ifrctr06@ifrc.org
- In Geneva: Sylvie Chevalley, Federation Secretariat, Geneva; +41 22 730 4276, fax: +41 22 733 0395 email: sylvie.chevalley@ifrc.org

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