Turkey: Earthquake in Bingol Province Appeal No. 09/2003 Final Report

Situation Report
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In Brief

Appeal No. 09/2003

The final report is published to inform our partners that the Bingol earthquake operation has been completed and all outstanding activities have been accomplished. Specifically, the procurement of canvas for the production of tents has been finalised. The current report outlines the details of this procurement. To read about other major achievements and constraints experienced by the national society in the implementation of the emergency operation, please read the interim final report that was published on the Federation's web page on 8 September 2004. By then, most of the objectives of the emergency as well as rehabilitation phase of the operation had been achieved. The only outstanding activity, that was to be finalised, was the delivery of the canvas for the production of tents. The canvas has now been procured and delivered to Turkey.

The operation has a cash balance of CHF 32,405. Donors are requested to allow the transfer of this amount from the emergency operation to support the Federation's ongoing work with the national society within the appeal 2005

Final appeal coverage: 100 %

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Operational development


Replenish the emergency stock of the Turkish Red Crescent.


One of the components of the emergency appeal was to replenish the Turkish Red Crescent stocks to enable in the future a timely, efficient and effective response to needs of disaster affected people . Recalling the two earthquakes of 1999 in the west of the country, killing nearly 20,000 people and given Turkey's proneness to such disasters, this was critical.

However, considering low response to the original appeal and the fact that some donors were reluctant to see their contribution used for replenishment, the national society prioritised its needs and adjusted the original plan. The revision was reflected in the revised appeal and budget issued by the Federation in July 2003.

The revised plan of action envisaged the procurement of canvas to enable the Turkish Red Crescent to produce tents1 locally. This was believed to be a more sustainable solution with the resources available. The procurement was arranged internationally through the Federation Secretariat in Geneva and a supplier was identified through tender.

Three types of canvas were procured:

1. Tent fabric (500 gr) 587 rolls Total: 49,313 kg

2. Tent fabric (300 gr) 587 rolls Total: 29,587 kg

3. Tent fabric (200 gr) 1,158 rolls Total: 35,386 kg

Total number of canvas rolls: 2,332

Total gross weight: 114,286 kg

The canvas was shipped from Pakistan in five containers and arrived to Istanbul on 17 March 2005. From Istanbul, it was transported on 29 March 2005 to the Turkish Red Crescent central warehouse in Ankara.

In addition, 478 rolls of 91,740 M2 PVC fabric (plastic sheeting of 450 gr) was procured.

The rolls of PVC arrived from Pakistan to Istanbul in three containers on 29 March 2005. From Istanbul, the rolls were transported on 19 April 2005 to the Turkish Red Crescent warehouse in Ankara.

The canvas and the PVC will enable the Turkish Red Crescent to produce around 2,600 tents of 16m2. The tents will be stored as an emergency stock in the Red Crescent warehouse and distributed to people affected by disasters.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

Turkish Red Crescent Society: email: tkd@kizilay.org; phone: 90 312 4302300; fax: 90 312 430 0175.

Federation Regional Delegation in Ankara: Carl Naucler, Head of Regional Delegation, Turkey and Southern Caucasus, email: ifrctr06@ifrc.org phone: 90 312 441 42 92; fax: 90 312 441 38 66 or Ervin Blau, Regional Programme Coordinator, email: ifrctr36@ifrc.org phone: 90 312 441 42 92; fax: 90 312 441 38 66.

Federation Secretariat in Geneva: Sylvie Chevalley, Regional Officer, Europe Department, email: sylvie.chevalley@ifrc.org phone: 41 22 730 4276; fax: 41 22 733 03 95

All International Federation assistance seeks to adhere to the Code of Conduct and is committed to the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response in delivering assistance to the most vulnerable. For support to or for further information concerning Federation programmes or operations in this or other countries, or for a full description of the national society profile, please access the Federation's website at http://www.ifrc.org


1 The national society tent factory in Ankara has a production capacity of some 600 tents a week. The canvas procured by the Federation within the current emergency operation will enable the national society to produce some 3,500 tents.

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