Turkey: Afyon earthquake - Final report


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Appeal No. 05/02;
Launched on: 20 February, 2002 for 6 months for CHF 7,912,800 to assist 60,000 beneficiaries.
Budget revised to CHF 3,805,000 (USD 2,525,638/EUR 2,604,045) and programme extended to December 2002
Final Appeal coverage: 68.4% Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) Allocated: N/A
Period covered: August-December 2002


On Sunday, 3 February, Turkey was struck by an earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter Scale, the epicentre was located in the Bolvadin district of Afyon province. The earthquake affected the Eber, Cay, Bolvadin and Sultandagi sub-provinces of Afyon, some 250 km southwest of the capital, Ankara. The earthquake was felt in the neighbouring provinces of Ankara, Burdur, Isparta, Eskisehir and Sakarya. More than 600 aftershocks and tremors ranging from 2.9 to 5.3 were recorded within days of the earthquake.

41 people died, 318 people were injured while thousands of homes and business premises were damaged or destroyed. According to the final official damage report from the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, a total of 16,996 homes and 1,259 offices were damaged affecting nearly 85,000 people.

The initial response from the Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS) included the dis tribution of 20,000 tents, 50,000 blankets and 3,000 heaters to the region, as well as the provision of hot meals and health services. The Federation appeal focused on the replenishment of tents for TRCS stocks. Considering the low of level of response to the appeal, the Federation, in cooperation with the National Society, adjusted the original plan of action and reduced the budget by more than 50%. Effective financial management, in combination with a number of external factors, allowed the Federation's delegation in Turkey to make considerable savings. By the end of the operation there was a remaining balance of CHF 506,333.

Savings were made mostly on the purchase of tents. This was possible due to several reasons:

1) the delegation received an unexpectedly generous discount from a supplier;

2) the supplier submitted the envois with delays. Consequently, the payment was done in 2003 and the reduced Programme Support Rate of 6.5% was applied instead of the originally budgeted 11%;

3) fluctuations of exchange rate USD/CHF allowed further savings.

Given this, the Federation proposes to transfer the balance from the Afyon operation to the Turkish Red Crescent's Bingol earthquake operation (which occurred in early May 2003 and which is currently 64% covered). The transfer of the balance would enable the Red Crescent to effectively implement the planned activities and to meet all the objectives, and donors are therefore encouraged to consider this favourably. The Federation's regional officer will be followi ng up with donors accordingly. For information on the Bingol operation, please refer to Operations Update n=B0 3 issued on 23 July 2003, available on the Federation's web page http://www.ifrc.org/cgi/pdf=5Fappeals.pl?03/090303.pdf

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