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Syria crisis: Whole of Syria response, Turkey update: Situation report #5, September – October 2019

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In response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, WHO and partners provide life-saving health services to Syrian refugees in Turkey and to populations in northern Syria from Turkey under the Whole of Syria approach.

Refugee Health Programme

  • WHO continues to increase capacity of health workforce in Refugee Health Training Centres, and by the end of October a total of 260 community health workers and 222 psychologists, social workers and other support staff are providing nursing care at patients homes, as well as psychosocial support and other health related consultations at the centres.

  • In October 2019, home care provision was launched in Gaziantep and Sanliurfa.

  • From the start of the project and by end of July 2019, seven refugee training health centres provided 487,000 medical consultations to Syrians.

  • WHO continues with its leading role in the inter-agency coordination in the Health Sector in Turkey. Two regular coordination meetings were organized with partners in September.
    In addition, WHO is leading the Emergency Response Preparedness group as mandated by the RC and the UNCT.

Cross-border operations

  • WHO delivered medical supplies from Turkey to north-west Syria that will provide 452,000 treatments to people in need.

  • A quality improvement task team provided recommendations to improve quality of care and medicine assurance in the northwest.

  • WHO’s assessment of health facilities in northwest Syria found; e.g. overserved areas, a number of primary health care centres that’s below minimum standards, poor hospital infrastructure and low capacity and inadequate infection prevention.