STL Sit Rep and Needs Izmir Earthquake V2, 6 Nov 2020

Situation Report
Originally published


1. Situation overview

A magnitude 6.61 earthquake struck the Southern Aegean Sea on 30 October at around 14:50 local time (11:50 GMT). In addition to Turkey, the earthquake has affected Bulgaria, Greece, and North Macedonia. In Turkey, the earthquake was felt in provinces as far as İstanbul, Bodrum, Muğla and Manisa. As of 4 November, The Disaster Management Agency Authority (AFAD) reports 114 dead and left at least 1035 injured in the province of İzmir. According to Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, 178 buildings need to be urgently demolished or are heavily damaged, 176 are medium damaged and 1143 are damaged partially. No damage was found on 9,314 inspected buildings.

Additionally, the earthquake resulted in a partial tsunami in Seferihisar, where 1 injury and 1 death is reported. The Turkish government has declared an emergency in İzmir and restricted entrance to the city for all people except rescue and NGO teams.