Required aid materials and equipment for the victims of the earthquake disaster

Urgently Needed Material

Winterized tents
Containers that can be used as temporary shelters
Heating stoves
Sleeping bags

Other Material Required

Field hospitals
Blood transport vehicle
Mobile kitchen
Antibiotics, medicines, orthopedic material, anti-burn medicine

Battery operated fluorescent lamps

Marmara, Inc., a transportation company based in New Jersey, will collect donated items in their storage facilities and ship them to Turkey with the first available flight. Individuals and organizations who wish to donate the needed material listed above should fax a full list of their donation to the said company, which will handle all the shipping and custom procedures free of charge and ensure the delivery of the donations to the Turkish Red Crescent. The contact numbers and address of the company are given below:

Attention:Captain Nejat Denizli
6-10 Self Boulevard, Carteret, New Jersey 07008
Tel:732-750 8900
Fax:732-750 4666 - 732-750 8900

It is also possible to send the donations directly to Turkish Red Crescent in Istanbul which can be reached at 90-212-227 51 64 or 90-212-227 51 71. The address to which the donations can be sent is:

Nispetiye Caddesi
Deryadil Sokak No.1
Besiktas - Istanbul

The Turkish Red Crescent will be taking care of the customs and entry clearance procedures upon the arrival of donated goods in Turkey. Because of the scope of the emergency, routine customs requirements have been waived. However, this waiver applies only to the humanitarian assistance material sent to the Turkish Red Crescent or the offices of the relevant Governors in Turkey. The packages must be accompanied by a full list of their contents. There is also a crisis management desk at Istanbul Atat=FCrk Airport which is manned by personnel from the Turkish Foreign Ministry and authorized to ensure the speedy and efficient distribution of incoming relief material.

Please also note that, the Turkish Airlines have been transporting donated material to Istanbul free of charge on its flights from New York, Chicago and Miami.

The numbers for the Turkish Airlines cargo offices in those cities are below:

New York: (718) 244-7760
Chicago: (773) 462-9222
Miami: (305) 871- 9001

InterAction, a US Non-governmental organization, is also organizing a relief campaign. They can be contacted at (202) 667-8227.