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Relief Was Delivered To The Hundreds And Thousands Disaster Victims

The TRCS which has been delivering relief to the people in needs regardless of race, religion, language, gender and nation for 145 years, has responded to the hundreds disasters, relieved hundreds and thousands people wounds in the year of 2012. While TRCS has been responding various earthquake, fire, flood, landslide and etc taking place in various region of Turkey In particular Van Earthquake Humanitarian Relief Operation, at the same time, TRCS initiated a lot of humanitarian relief operation in abroad in particular in Syria, in Somalia, Gaza and Myanmar.

The TRCS which is first NGO coming to mind when the issue is to respond to the natural disaster and social assistance, responded to many disasters either in Turkey or in abroad. The TRC which respond to the earthquake, flood, landslide on time, give the people in need living all over Turkey its helping hands

Within the framework of domestic disaster operation in 2012, the TRCS has set up 53475 tents, distributed 217,747 blankets, 3784 Mevlana houses and 2000 container houses. Ready meal was distributed to 3,310,195 people and 3,183,538 unit bred was distributed.

The TRCS which stand in the breach of the people, who snowed in the roads, distributed 76000 unit food packages in such operations. 37.512 food parcels were distributed to the affectees to meet their food need.

The TRCS which responded to the earthquakes, floods, fire, snow, landslides and other disaster, has reached to the total number of 341,512 people in 2012.

The TRCS has spare no efforts to relive the wounds of the earthquakes took place in Van and Erciş in 2012, met the shelter and food needs of the affectees.

The TRCS responded mostly to fire after the earthquake. Tents were set up for the people who affected by the fires, food parcels were distributed; support was given to the fire extinguisher teams and food packages were distributed.

The TRCS which mobilize itself for the people, who were snowed in the roads due to heavy snow, has already responded from the east to the West of the country. The TRC distributed blankets and food packages to the people snowed in their cars.

Martyrdom families were not let alone.

The TRC did not let alone the martyrdom families of explosion of the Military Ammunition depot in Afyon, the families of security forces who lost their lives as a result of bombing attacks took place in Foça/İzmir and Gaziantep and set up a tent for the people who visit these families to express their condolences and offered meals to the visitors.

A great success in the Humanitarian Relief Operations in abroad.

The TRCS which give its helping hands to Somalia, Syria, Gaza, Myanmar, Montenegro, Labia, Tajikistan, Kosovo, Pakistan, Philippines and Bosnia Herzegovina, also shared the suffering experiencing in these countries. The TRC which delivered the Turkish people aids to the hundreds and thousands in abroad by its humanitarian relief operations won the general approval of, not only the local management, but also of the international communities.

The TRCS which met the sheltering needs of the ten thousands of the Somalians by establishing tent city in Somalia dealing with the grip of hunger, has distributed various need items in particular food to the millions of people dwelling outside of the tent city. The TRC has opened construction yard in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, in order to reconstruct the capital from start to end and will start its works in this direction soon.

The TRCS which initiated its work continuously in Somalia run the same humanitarian relief operation in Myanmar.

Within the framework of Syrian humanitarian relief operation the TRCS has been meeting the sheltering need of hundreds and thousands of Syrians in İts tent cities set up by the TRC and it reaches to the people in need inside Syria by its borderline reliefs.