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Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan 2015-16: Turkey

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The overall protection and assistance response in Turkey is firmly run by the Government. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011, Turkey established an efficient emergency response and declared a temporary protection regime for Syrian refugees, ensuring protection and assistance in 22 camps, set up by the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD).

As of October 2014, Turkey hosted an estimated 1.6 million Syrian refugees with nearly 221,000 residing in camps and 1.4 million refugees within the communities. Nearly 980,000 refugees registered with the Government, while 620,000 remain unregistered. A new influx of 200,000 refugees at the end of 2014 resulted in a sudden increase of population.

The projected number of Syrian refugees in Turkey in 2015 is 2.5 million of whom 300,000 will reside in 25 camps and 2.2 million people will live among communities. In addition, it is estimated that 8.2 million people in refugee hosting areas will be impacted.

In 2014, two significant developments occurred with the entry into force in April of the new Law on Foreigners and International Protection, followed by the adoption in October of a Temporary Protection Regulation that have provided the legal and administrative framework for the protection and assistance to persons in need of international protection. The regulation provides Syrian refugees with rights and duties, and the framework for access to health care, education, labour market and social assistance which will be further refined by the relevant ministries in the near future.