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Qatar Charity's Humanitarian Convoys for Syrians and Yemenis

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Qatar Charity's Taif Program recently provided 12 trucks carrying more than 120 tons of in-kind humanitarian assistance to help Syrian refugees on the Turkish border. A similar initiative was held earlier this year in Yemen whereby Qatar Charity helped 56,000 Yemenis with such aid in the governorates of Sana’a, Amanah, Aden, Hodeidah and Dhamar, including Ethiopians living as refugees in Yemen and orphans at the Al-Rufaqaa Orphanage.

The Taif program is an initiative launched five years ago that seeks to promote the spirit of volunteerism in the community. It entails the collection of donations of unwanted items such as clothing, furniture and electrical appliances from individuals, schools, companies and organizations in Qatar which are then either sold at discount prices with revenues allocated for the benefit of Qatar Charity projects or as in these cases, distributed directly to at-risk communities.