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Psycho-social effects of COVID-19 in the framework of MHPSS needs of Syrian refugees in Turkey | Situation Analysis Report April-May 2020


1. Executive Summary

This situation analysis report aims to provide qualitative information about the psycho-social effects of the COVID-19 on the framework of mental health and psycho-social support (MHPSS) needs and capacities of the Syrian population. The data collection took 3 weeks to complete (from 4th of May 2020 till 28th of May 2020). The study focuses on qualitative analysis of feedbacks given by Syrian refugees residing in three provinces of Turkey: İstanbul, İzmir, and Hatay.

In the effort of exploring the psycho-social effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the Syrian refugee population, this study aspires to understand the MHPSS needs of the Syrian communities in order to frame efficient, fruitful and tailored interventions – first by alleviating the effect of both pandemic and protracted displacement, then build as much as possible the psycho-social capacities within the intervention for the affected communities.

Furthermore, this qualitative assessment pursues to provide two fundamental aspects of this COVID-19; Perception: ‘How Syrian refugees perceived the COVID-19’ and Copping: ‘what types of coping mechanisms prevalent in refugee communities at all levels (individual, family, and social) to cope with the psychological and social challenges that stem from both the pandemic and being in a state of long-period displacement’.