Project HOPE Initiative: Medical Rehabilitation for Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey

News and Press Release
Originally published
On August 24, one week after a devastating earthquake struck 55 miles southeast of Istanbul, Turkey, Project HOPE dispatched an eight-person team into Turkey to assess the health and medical needs in the area, and to recommend steps for addressing critical and long-term recovery needs. The team included three physicians and three nurses from the United States who served as volunteers, as well as a staff logistician and HOPE's Country Director for Egypt. During their visit, team members met with representatives of Turkey's Ministry of Health and other governmental and non-governmental agencies, and inspected health facilities in several affected sites.
Because the assessment team saw so many people who suffered physical injuries during the earthquake, plans are presently underway for HOPE to implement a multi-year rehabilitation program in the area hardest hit by the disaster. A second HOPE team will return to Turkey in December to formalize the plans for the program with the appropriate in-country authorities.

In addition, (and in light of additional earthquakes in the same area,) HOPE continues to work closely with the Ministry of Health, local government officials and health professionals in Turkey, monitoring the needs of the victims. HOPE is also working with pharmaceutical companies and other corporations to ensure we can quickly provide the proper medicines and supplies when they are requested.