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KIZILAYKART Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) programme - Factsheet 5 Breakdown of Grades and Grade and Accelerated Learning Program

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Breakdown of Grades & ALP

399 students who are enrolled to Accelerated Learning Program that has been launched by MoNE for children aged 10-18 and have been out of school for more than 3 years are also benefiting from the CCTE.

Most of the refugee population living in Turkey is consisted of vulnerable children and women. CCTE Programme which is implemented in close partnership with Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, Ministry of National Education and UNICEF aims to remove financial barriers of poor families who have school-aged children. Currently it has reached more than 376 thousand school-going children. The payments are transferred bi-monthly on the condition that the children attends school regularly. The parents can apply for each of their school-going children. The payments vary according to student's gender and school level. Girls receive more than boys and high school students receive more than primary schools. This programme is funded by ECHO, BPRM and Government of Norway.