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KIZILAYKART Cash Based Assistance Programmes - September 2019

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Kızılaykart is a platform where humanitarian, private, and public sectors come together.
It provides regular cash support via banking infrastructure to the vulnerable people that meet the specified criteria. The Platform was initially established to support Turkish citizens in need. Food assistance has been provided to the Syrians who had to leave their country due to the internal conflict in March 2011. To meet the basic needs of vulnerable groups, in 2012 In Camp Food Assistance Programme has been implemented under Kızılaykart Platform, under which eight different programmes are implemented. Among the eight Programmes five of them are still in operation.

Different programs can be applied and separate wallets can be defined to Kızılaykart, according to different conditions and payment regulations to strengthen the needy and bring social harmony. With the expertise of Türk Kızılay in information management, various programs for different target groups in different categories can be implemented with different donors and stakeholders under the roof of Kızılaykart. Within the current structure of the Kızılaykart Platform; basic needs, education, livelihood, and protection-based humanitarian programs are implemented.

In Camp Programme

In Camp Food Assistance Programme is implemented for foreigners living in five different temporary accommodation centers in Turkey, with the partnership of Türk Kızılay, Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM), and UN World Food Programme (WFP). The beneficiaries receive 16€ per person each month (e-coupon) which they can spend on contracted markets located inside the camps.

The programme, which has been implemented since 2012, aims to ensure that individuals can access the food they prefer through freedom of choice. The program is funded by; Germany, Japan, Norway, South Korea, and USA.

As of August 2019, three more camps were included into the Kızılaykart programme. Negotiations regarding the use of Kızılaykart as a single card in all camps are ongoing.