Islamic Relief Turkey Earthquake Update No. 5

Situation Report
Originally published
1. The Present Crisis & Response
1.1 The facts

On 17 August at 03h02 local time a massive earthquake measuring between 7.4 and 7.8 on the Richter scale and lasting 45 seconds hit northernwestern Turkey. Hundreds of aftershocks have since been reported, some exceeding five on the Richter scale. Izmit, an industrial city of one million in western Turkey, was nearest the epicentre. But the force of the tremor was felt as far away as Ankara, the capital, some 500-km to the east, and across parts of the Balkans.

The disaster was followed by more than 1,300 aftershocks, culminating in the second quake - at 18h57 on 12 November 1999 and rated 7.2 on the Richter scale - which shook Duzce and Kaynasli counties in the north-western province of Bolu, some 100 kms to the east of Izmit for 30 seconds. The jolt was felt both in Istanbul (some 260kms to the west) and Ankara, the nation's capital, 300 kms to the east.

At present:

  • Total death toll 17,100 (as of 26.11.99)
  • Number of reported injured stands at over 44,000
  • Number of homes collapsed or heavily damaged 300,000
2 Islamic Relief's Response

19th August - 29th November 1999

The first Islamic Relief representative arrived in the earthquake hit area on the 19th August. They carried out a needs assessment in Adapzari, which was one of the worst hit areas and where more than 3000 were killed, 5081 were injured and thousands more missing. The needs assessment concluded the following items were urgently needed, tents, hygiene packs and food.

2.1 Programme Activities so far:

2.1.1 Tent City established, in association with Turkish Red Crescent

  • 150 IR winterised tents have been put up so far and are being inhabited.
  • The tents are occupied by 1 family, made up of approximately 4-5 people
  • So far there are approximately 400-500 people inhabiting the tent city
  • 1500 folding beds were secured from a warehouse and they will be used by the inhabitants of the tents
  • Food is currently being provided by the Turkish Red Crescent
  • The Vice Governor of Adapzari has informed IR that as many people as possible are being directed to this tent city

Distribution so far:

  • 150 Food packets distributed on 28th November, in town of Adapzari.
  • Food Packets consisted of:

    Flour, 2kg
    Rice, 900gm
    Macaroni, 500gm x 4
    Concentrate tomato, 830gm
    Salt, 500gm
    Instant soup, 1 pkt
    Feta cheese, 2 kg
    Tea, 500gm
    Dried Beans, 900gm
    Chickpeas, 900gm
    Green lentils, 900gm
    Sugar, 900gm
    Strawberry Jam, 440gm
    Sunflower oil, 1litre

  • ·Each food packet valued at $20.
  • Another 350 food packets to be distributed on Wednesday 1st December 1999.
  • 3000 food packets ordered to be distributed in Adapzadri and Duzce.
  • 600 beneficiaries, (150 families)
2.3 Other plans:
  • A further 2000 Food packets are to be purchased and distributed amongst the tent inhabitants. Their value is approximately $40,000
  • 1000 hygiene packets are also to be purchased and distributed, their value is $20,000
2.4 Ramadan Programme
  • $20,000 allocated for Ramadan
  • 1000 Food boxes to be purchased and distributed.
  • Food boxes worth $20 each. Contents same as above
Other issues:

IR is working in conjunction with the Adapzari Humanitarian Relief Committee to ensure that the aid reaches the most needy.