Islamic Relief Turkey Earthquake Update No. 4

1.The Present Crisis & Response
1.1 The facts

At present (IFRC figures):

  • Total death toll 15,756 (as of 28.9.99)
  • Number of reported injured stands at 24,940
  • Number of homes collapsed or heavily damaged 66,441
  • Number of homes with medium or light levels of damage 147,402
  • 30,400 businesses either collapsed or damaged
  • 88,190 households qualify for new housing

Islamic Relief's Response

19th August - 4th October 1999

The first Islamic Relief representative arrived in the earthquake hit area on the 19th August. They carried out a needs assessment in Adapzari, one of the worst hit areas and where more than 3000 were killed, 5081 were injured and thousands more missing. The needs assessment concluded the following items were urgently needed, tents, hygiene packs, food for children, blankets and clothes.

3.1 Programme Activities so far:

3.1.1 Tent City established, in association with Turkish Red Crescent

  • The 350 tents that arrived from Sweden will now been established as part of a tent city
  • 150 so far have actually been set up and are already being inhabited.
  • The remaining 200 will be made winterised and then set up
  • The tents are occupied by 1 family, made up of approximately 4-5 people
  • So far there are approximately 400-500 people occuppying the tent city
  • 1500 folding beds were secured from a warehouse and they will be used by the inhabitants of the tents
  • Food is currently being provided by the Turkish Red Crescent
  • The Vice Governor of Adapzari has informed IR that as many people as possible are being directed to this tent city

3.2 Other plans:

3.2.1 A needs assessment was undertaken on 18th October and the following is needed:

  • 1000 Food packets are to be purchased and distributed amongst the tent inhabitants. Their value is approximately $18,000
  • 1000 hygeine packets are also to be purchased and distributed, their value is $10,000
  • 1500 pillows will be purchased at the cost of $3,000
  • 1000 mattresses will be purchased at the cost of $10,000

3.3 Distribution so far:

  • 350 tents from Sweden have arrived but yet to be distributed, worth $105,000
  • 1105 Hygiene packs worth approximately $10,000
  • 350 blankets worth approximately $1750
  • Clothes, Baby food, Canned food, Powdered milk and hygiene items. (no figures available)
  • 4 water fridge's, valued at 16,254
  • 50 boxes of medical supplies valued at $43,344
  • A consignment of nappies and baby food valued at over $8,000

3.2 Other items to be distributed in Adapzari:

  • 70,000 sachets of nutritional food children, worth $109,090, donated by IR Belgium
  • 445 new blankets also from IR Belgium worth $11,558
  • 56 new blankets from Holland worth approximately $2036
  • A consignment of hygiene materials coming from Germany worth over $20,000
  • 10 wheelchairs and 2 walkers worth $1,000
  • 15 Cartons of food, worth over $500
  • 2 Cartons of kitchen supplies worth nearly $300