Islamic Relief Turkey Earthquake Update No. 2

Situation Report
Originally published
Programme & Budget:
Phase 1 of our programme consisted of the distribution of items that will improve the areas of shelter and health. This will be done through distributing tents, hygiene packs, blankets and plastic sheeting.

Our budget is approximately $182,950, of which the majority is intended to be spent on more hygiene packs, blankets and tents and plastic sheeting.

Activities so far:

Part of our programme has been successfully implemented so far. This includes the distribution of the approximately 1105 Hygiene packs and 350 blankets. The blankets and half the amount of Hygiene packs were a donation from within Turkey. Brother's Adnan Cheema and Musab Aydin were the IR staff who conducted the distribution of these items between the 29th August and the 1st September.

Most of you will know that 350 tents were donated from Government of Sweden to our Stockholm office. These are currently on there way, the expected arrival date is Monday 20th September, inshallah. Yousef Hamed, as Logistics Manager, is now following the progress of the transportation of the tents.


Richard AbdarRazzak Goodall has recently been appointed as Emergency Programme Co-ordinator for our programme in Turkey. AbdarRazzak has spent a number of years working in Turkey; thus he is well versed in its language, geography and culture.

He is due to fly out to Istanbul on Saturday 18th September.

Brother Musab, from IR Germany, is currently in Turkey and is making initial preparations for the implementation of our programme. However, his stay in Turkey is only temporary, it is expected that he will hand over the reigns to brother AbdarRazzak when he arrives.

Current Situation

We have recently heard news that the Government of Turkey is imposing certain regulations on the distribution of relief goods in Turkey. They are insisting that the Turkish Red Crescent is the only organisation that will receive and distribute relief goods.

However, Islamic Relief would like to implement its own programme and therefore is currently holding discussions with the Turkish Red Crescent on how we can go about this.