Islamic Relief Turkey Earthquake Update No. 1

Current situation in Adapazari;
The number of dead people has climbed. Approximately 90% of the houses in the town were destroyed. People are living on the streets. For days, both the stream as well as the water were stopped in Adapazari. The climate conditions impeded the work further. No need exists at the time for food. The city council told us however, that this could change within 10 days. Under the debris, many victims still lie; one can smell the putrefaction everywhere. There is a fear of diseases and epidemics.

What we have done until now in Adapazari:

We have distributed the following goods: Medications, clothing, Baby Food, diapers, hygiene-articles, cans, powdered milk, towels, four refrigerators with built-in faucets for cold drinking water as well as generators.

Urgent demand:


Bandages, pain-relieving medications, splashes, serum, antibiotics of the group Sefotospirin, vaccine against tetanus's

Other items:

Reservoirs, toilets, showers, cool-cars, tents, cans, hygiene-articles


1. It is very difficult, to help the victims in Adapazari, since obstacles are put in the face of NGO's by the government.

2. The relief goods arriving at the airport are loaded directly on trucks and are distributed with help of the Red Crescent. Only after long efforts, we succeeded to take our goods ourselves.

3. Although Adapazzari is only 135 km away from Istanbul. The trip takes approximately 3-4 hours. Since there are no overnight stay-possibilities in Adapazari, we commute every day back and forth

4. Almost every night an after shock of the strength of four happens. People sleep in fear for their houses.

5. The governor of Adapazari is trying to control the distribution of relief goods. He gathers the relief goods and leaves the task of distribution to others. The Red Cross is excluded from this arrangement.

6. The city is very unsafe there is a fear of looting and that the police could confiscate the relief goods.

7. Donors have left at our disposal a warehouse and a private car in Istanbul. We can also use an office with a telephone and Fax. We have also received help in the preparation of packages and the distribution of relief goods. Our helpers and friends have achieved wonderful work.


The city council has erected a camp with 300 tents. The victims however, prefer to stay with their houses in order to protect them from looting. Others on the other hand have gone to stay with their relatives in their homes in nearby villages. We decided therefore to distribute the tents separately, so that people can erect them in their gardens and near their houses.

What we can do:

  • We can distribute relief packages. We were advised on the composition of these by the authorities and the people themselves. The packages contain washing detergents, washing liquids, Kolonya, diapers, bandages, wash rags, Spüllappen, garbage-sacks, sore-cream for children, towels, toilet paper, Raisers, toothpaste, toothbrush as well as nail clippers.
  • An urgent demand prevails for tents (a tent costs 320 DM and is 2mx3m big) and Medications distribution.
  • Ambulances the cost to rent an ambulance for two days is 1046 DM. This can provide the casualties with outpatient treatment for the two days.
  • With the help of the medical team from America, we can care of the casualties.
  • Vaccinations.
  • We can distribute warm foods. This costs 1050 DM for 1000 people daily.
  • One can take on the sponsorship of orphaned children. The monthly contributions would amount to 50 DM.

Cost of possible relief efforts by Islamic Relief:

1. Hygiene Packs at 20 DM for 1000 families: 20.000 DM (Already carried out)

2. 320 tents for 100 families: 32.000 DM

3. Rent for ambulances: 1.046 DM

4. Warm foods for 2000 persons : 2.100 DM

Total: 55.146 DM