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Internatıonal Blue Crescent’s (IBC) response to Izmır earthquake

News and Press Release
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A devastating earthquake 6.9 Richter scale with epicenter 35 km from Seferihisar jolted Izmir and almost entire Aegean region of Turkey and Samos Island of Greece. As of 21.00 pm 14 people reported dead and 522 injured. 20 apartments with eight floors at least and habitated with around 60 people in average each are collapsed totally. 12 of the deaths are in Bayraklı and Bornova districts of Izmir the most poor neighbourhoods of the city. 2 death reported in Samos Greece which has affected severely from the earthquake too. Rescue teams are fighting to save their lives. The death toll is expected to be over 100 at least.

In Izmir and towns around hundreds of buildings suffered severe damage. Turkish governments declared emergency in Izmir and restricted entrance to the city for all people except rescue and NGO teams Turkish Disaster Response Directorate AFAD urged people to stay away from their homes because aftershocks continue. Just few hours before another earthquake 5.1 Richter magnitude shocked Kusadasi a town around 50 km far from Izmir Turkish emergency officials called people to stay away from their homes for at least 15 days until the situation recovers.

IBC-INTERNATIONAL BLUE CRESCENT emergency team is already in Izmir and doing its first assessment of needs for the earthquake victims. Izmir and settlements in the province hit by the earthquake have a population around 5 million. The mainly affected Bayraklı and Bornoa districts accommodate the most poor population of Izmir around 250.000… Heavy rainings are forecasted by tomorrow and urgent need for water, tents, blankets, plastic sheets and hygiene kits including tools for babies and women, and Covid-19 protective masks, sanitation fluids and soaps etc are the main needs. For the moment food needs are not urgent because state established mobile kitchens. IBC is cooperating with Great Municipality of Izmir which established an emergency response Office in Bayraklı. We’ll develop an emergency response Project by the weekend.

We do plan a. Delivery and distribution of hygiene kits including covid-19 protection materials b. Delivery and distribution of blankets and plastic sheets c. Providing assistance for the municipality to repair basic infrastructure in the earthquake hit areas d. Providing thousands of potable water on Daily basis to the victims.

The scale of our response will be depending to the campaign including the support of our partners.