Information Bulletin: Turkey Wildfires – 10.08.2021


Situation Overview

A total of 270 wildfires have started in 53 provinces across Turkey in the last 14 days. While 267 of these fires have been controlled, 3 wildfires are still ravaging different areas in Antalya, Adana, Isparta, Mersin, Muğla, and Osmaniye. The fires have adversely affected forests and residential areas; thus, several neighbourhoods and villages have been evacuated. Many animals have perished amidst the fires. According to the most recent information received from the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), a total of 9 people lost their lives due to wildfires.

Overview of Operating National Society Response Action

President Dr. Kerem Kınık mobilized all the TRC teams from the initial moments of the wildfires. Since the beginning of the wildfires on July 28, all the efforts have been continuing under the leadership of Dr. Kerem Kınık. Director-General Dr. Ibrahim Altan coordinates all the relief efforts of TRC from the ground. TRC teams are also providing support for the ongoing struggle with great determination. The teams consisting of the disaster experts and volunteers of the TRC mobilized to deliver emergency aid to the teams working in disaster areas and to the victims. Food, hygiene and shelter aid required for protecting affected ones from adverse conditions are being dispatched to disaster areas. Furthermore, drinking water and snacks are handed out continuously

  • The Turkish Red Crescent has delivered food assistance and humanitarian aid to more than 560,000 persons in need.

  • Turkish Red Crescent teams of 2.345 staff and 11.082 volunteers have participated in the relief efforts so far.

  • The relief efforts of the Turkish Red Crescent are conducted through 253 response vehicles, 2 mobile kitchens and 31 catering units.

  • The Turkish Red Crescent teams are operating in 169 distribution points.

  • The Turkish Red Crescent teams have distributed more than 287.000 hot meals and 241.000 ready-to-eat meals.

  • More than 231.000 donors contributed to the Turkish Red Crescent’s campaign within 9 days.