IBC Response: Elazığ Earthquake




Severe earthquke at the magnitude of 6.8 Richter scale and epicenter Sivrice town of Elazig hit an area of 40 km diameter where big cities as Elazig and Malatya ,19 towns and more than 200 villages affected badly.

The earthquake caused the death of 39 people-a number increases day by day because rescue Works continue and people are under rubbles-and 1607 people injured 324 of them heavily.Preliminary assesment of AFAD (Prime Ministry Disaster Management Directorate)in the cities of Elazig and Malatya from 2945 multistorey buildings checked 87 collapsed,1287 of them are heavily damaged and need to be demolished,56 medium scale damaged and 627 building slightly damaged.

These are figures from the main two cities.The situation is worse in the towns where thousands of buildings are heavily damaged.

It is estimated that more than 25 villages are entirely destroyed all of them need to be reconstructed.

Including to the human losses tens of thousands of livestock is lost too Because aftershocks continue-948 aftershocks since 20.55 pm 24 January 2020 when the big earthquake struck,forces the people to stay out of their apartments.Some of them settled in schools,mosques ,stadiums,sport complexes where some kind of comfort provided but extreme majority is moved to temporary tents centers which established urgently.