“Everyone Has a Mission During Disasters”

Speaking at the "New Turkey and Humanitarian Aid” conference, Head of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu said that urban transformation is the most important link for “disaster management”.

Speaking at the conference organized by the Birlik Foundation İstanbul Branch, Güllüoğlu stressed the importance of urban transformation for Turkey and added, "If we do not destroy the old buildings in İstanbul, Bursa or İzmir and construct strong buildings instead, results of our services during research and rescue and other efforts will not be so pleasant.”

Güllüoğlu stressed that people living in İstanbul should check the safety of their homes and contact the municipality about this subject and added that leading persons, district and province municipalities have duties in this regard.

"Everyone has a mission during disasters; it is not the duty of AFAD to handle it on own. We do everything in our power to train people about risks, increase intervention capability and other services that should be offered after disasters. Our success alone is not enough, every office and every single person have to fulfill their duty,” said Mr. Güllüoğlu.

"Turkey does its share"

Reminded that Turkey comes among the first in terms of humanitarian aid activities, Güllüoğlu stated that such activities should be increased when current needs of people in the World is considered.

"Turkey does its share but this is not an issue that could be handled with the efforts of Turkey alone. Maybe Turkey is not the richest country in the world but we show our good intensions. When there is a fire in some place, Turkey plays an important role in pointing out the importance of this fire. Turkey will continue to do so in cooperation with TIKA, the Ministry of Health and nongovernmental organizations because the crisis in the World is gradually on the rise.”