Elazig/Turkey: Earthquake Situation Report No: 10, 31 January 2020




An earthquake of 6.8 magnitude struck Eastern Turkey at 8.55 pm local time on 24 January, at a depth of 15km and centred near the district of Sivrice in eastern Elazig province. Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) reported that the province was shaken further by 1.416 aftershocks. The earthquake mainly impacted Sivrice and Maden Districts in the Province of Elazığ and Pütürge District in the Province of Malatya.

The death toll has reached 41 people while those injured was reported to be 1.607. 45 people have been rescued alive from wreckage so far. 76 buildings totally collapsed and another 645 sustained severe, moderate and slight damage.

Türk Kızılay’s Action

The Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay) became alerted from the very initial moments of the Earthquake and mobilized its disaster response units at national, regional and local levels across Turkey.

Türk Kızılay’s National Disaster Management Center in Ankara, Regional Disaster Management Centers in the regions have been operational on 7/24 basis. They are working in close coordination with Turkish NDMA (AFAD) at capital level and its extensions at provincial and district level.


530 staff and volunteers including those specialized on crisis management, relief, humanitarian logistics, psycho-social support and health have been working in the field. 29 emergency response & communication vehicles, 19 trucks, 5 lorries, 7 mobile catering units and 1 mobile child-friendly spaces were deployed to the field as well.

Mass Feeding

From the beginning of the disaster response efforts, TRC has already dispatched 121.065 packages of wheat flour, 240.893 ready-to-eat packages for people in need, 4 mobile kitchens and 3 field kitchen kits having capacity to serve hot meals to 5K (per kitchen) person daily were put in service. Thanks to the employment of this capacity, TRC has provided breakfast, hot meals and soups to 231.267 beneficiaries so far.

Mass Shelter

The affected people have been sheltered in the collective shelter centers that were established in the schools, sport centers, dormitories and hospices in the area. Türk Kızılay has dispatched 2.500 tents, 53.375 blankets, 15.171 mattresses, 102.323 clothing items and 6.468 heaters to the affected area. Türk Kızılay teams have distributed 74.908 shelter items based on the needs identified by the local management center.

The tents were erected in the recreational area to create a capacity to shelter more affectees in addition to those in the collective shelter centers established in the public buildings in Sivrice.