Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief Advance Team to Turkey: Earthquake in the Northwest Region

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Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) performance - Secretariat of the Japan Disaster Relief Team

The following is a report on the implementation of emergency relief activities in the Republic of Turkey.

1. Emergency Situation

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake centered in the city of Duzce in the western Turkish province of Bolu struck at 6:57 pm on November 12 (1:57 am on Nov. 13 Japan time). The earthquake killed or injured a large number of people and caused extensive damage to property. Damage reported as of 11:30 am on Nov. 14 is as follows:

dead 311
injured 2,169

2. Response of the Turkish Government

Public Works Minister went to the affected region immediately after the earthquake and is currently directing relief operations there. Shortly after the quake heavy equipment was moved to the site, and military and civil defense forces began relief activities.

3. Response of the International Community

Relief teams from Switzerland and Hungary have already arrived in the affected area and are performing relief operations.

4. Response of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA

Upon receiving a request for assistance from the Turkish government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has approved the dispatch of a JDR Advance Team to Turkey, to be organized through JICA.


to determine the needs of the JDR Medical Team

Period of Dispatch:

dispatch will continue for an undetermined period beginning November 13 (Sat), 1999 The team will depart from Narita Intl. Airport at 9:55 pm on Nov. 13 aboard flight AF 277

Team Composition:

3 members Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 1; JICA staff members: 2

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