CWS continues assistance in Turkey quake recovery

TURKEY - A shipment of $29,530 in blankets, Baby Kits, and health supplies from CWS arrived in Turkey as relief and recovery efforts continue following two devastating earthquakes in August and November of last year. And, another shipment of Baby Kits and health supplies, valued at $100,500, is expected to arrive in Turkey by the end of January.
Alan "Mick" McCain, a United Church of Christ missioner who has been assisting our partners in Turkey, reports that the earlier shipment arrived in time for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan in December, and was particularly appreciated because of the tradition of giving small gifts during the holiday.

Since the August earthquake, CWS has been working with Action by Churches Together (ACT) and the Christian Churches in Turkey Steering Committee for Disaster Relief to help provide bedding, winterized tents fitted with heating stoves, tarps, food, sanitation facilities, and other supplies to families in affected areas.