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In-Camp Electronic Voucher Programme in Turkey Price Market Monitoring (PMM), On-Site Monitoring (OSM) and Post-Distribution Monitoring Report | Quarter 3: July - September 2021



• The food basket cost in the contracted markets peaked in September 2021 at 213 TRY.

• The food inflation that reached 29 percent in August and remained stable in September deteriorated purchasing power of beneficiaries significantly.

• Being in the agricultural season, some beneficiary households have had the opportunity to generate additional income through daily work in farms for around 75 TRY per day.

• The camp markets comply with the Covid-19 regulations; wearing mask is mandatory and only a limited number of customers permitted inside the markets at a time.

• A wide variety of food products have been available in the contracted markets and in good conditions. However, the size of the bread was reduced instead of increasing the prices.

• 4 protection cases, among which 2 being related to medical needs, one related to material needs and one related to education have been identified and referred to relevant authorities during the reporting period.

• 136,556 SMSs were sent to camp beneficiaries between July and September 2021 with various content including sweep backs and Covid-19 sensitization.